Monday, 18 February 2013

Save the world project

Its been a long time coming , a year in the making , i am the only Iranian in the college and i had to study certificate for 1 year , AND FINALLY im in diploma now( that one year really worth it , now the college is my family )
anyway im very enthusiast about this, today we had to design T shirts with art elements like UNITY, DOMINANCE .... my mind is always coming up with great black and white dominance work.( i don't like colors )
i seriously need to improve my skills in order to give the best work, i gave my concepts to our lecturer and she was really excited about them , but both of us were concerned about the execution of the ideas and the quality of it. IM NOT GONNA DO MY BEST, LOOSER S DO THAT, IM GONNA GO HOME AND F!@$% THE PROM QUEEN ( Sean Connery )  have to get this , used it before, it gives me the best

Wacom Bamboo

Ill get it hopefully. this 2/5 years ahead is gonna be great :) 

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