Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Rap vs Metal

Metal vs rap
Rap music has been around for more 100 years and its much older then heavy metal which started on the late 60s. The rap was started by Africans, even before they came to America they used to tell some of their stories rhythmically.
Despite the effect of the slavery and racism on the Africans and their rap music over the years, rap wasnt really known to the public and it was mostly known as a street art.
Rap was mostly used by the African American teenagers. In the late 60s people like James brown opened the window for rap by making funk music and after him a band called the Sugar hill Gang started their work called rappers delight and it was the break through for the rap genre and an opportunity to position itself in the minds of white people too.
Heavy metal is much younger then rap music.
Heavy metal bands started their work from 1964 and since the first day it began it was immediately placed in the hearts of fans and was accepted very quickly by the public. One of the greatest hits which it helped the break through was the Steppenwolfs Born to be Wild and it really showed the heavy metal to the world.
When it comes to controversies of genres, It all comes down to the change they have through time.
Each genre has had their golden age and it will go on for it for some time. Heavy metals golden age was from 1960 to 1995 on my opinion, this was the best era for heavy metal music cause the bands music were strong and with a meaning.
But after that time the focus on the meanings were getting less and less and things like black metal and speed metal came along and they didnt follow up the nature of the metal. They turned this genre into a genre of atheists and devil worshipers.
Although there are a lot of fans for it but the nature of the metal has been changed and the controversies you can find are more in the golden age.
Rap music its been around more then metal but it still holds its nature although there are some changes to it, changes are such as the negative raps which involves sex and drugs ... or the gang fights between rappers. rap still have maintained the nature which is about the dare to speak out and now days it is more commonly known as the young generation's language.
Now when it comes to the level of controversy between the level heavy metal and rap without a doubt rap will be the one with highest level of controversy. i am personally a big fan of the heavy metal and if i was writing this article 20 years ago the metal will definitely be the number one, but the truth is that the gold era of heavy metal have ended a long time ago and now all of the music are focusing on electric guitar works and yelling or talking about the devil etc....
Rap as I said is now the new generation's language, especially in some countries people use it to talk about the government, and the have been fights against it in some countries by the government and its been banned by it. Rap has the flexibility for people to say what they what to say 

Monday, 18 February 2013

Save the world project

Its been a long time coming , a year in the making , i am the only Iranian in the college and i had to study certificate for 1 year , AND FINALLY im in diploma now( that one year really worth it , now the college is my family )
anyway im very enthusiast about this, today we had to design T shirts with art elements like UNITY, DOMINANCE .... my mind is always coming up with great black and white dominance work.( i don't like colors )
i seriously need to improve my skills in order to give the best work, i gave my concepts to our lecturer and she was really excited about them , but both of us were concerned about the execution of the ideas and the quality of it. IM NOT GONNA DO MY BEST, LOOSER S DO THAT, IM GONNA GO HOME AND F!@$% THE PROM QUEEN ( Sean Connery )  have to get this , used it before, it gives me the best

Wacom Bamboo

Ill get it hopefully. this 2/5 years ahead is gonna be great :) 

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Amazon Quality #1

I love WACOM it makes my job a lot easier and i can reach the design i want faster and better Wacom Bamboo !!!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

A Good Day To Die Hard

Well after a long holiday for Chinese new year here in Malaysia ( unfortunately i was busy with assignments )
on Friday i decided it was the time to blow off some steam, so me and my brother went out to watch the new Die Hard Movie.
we got the tickets , the cinema was packed , we were in the front row, my brother jocks : Hey its almost 3D, and he is right.
after 15 mins of commercials FINALLY the movie starts, here is the thing, if the movie is good , it will stick to your mind for a long time , but as i am writing this, the less i remember and the blurry it gets.
Bruce Willis wasn't playing john Mcclane, He wasn't acting , he was just there reading the lines, and doing some stunts, No facial expressions ( but still more then Kristen Stewart )
90 % of the story was unexplained.
the father son relationship was......... WELL IT WAS NOTHING, you don't feel connected at all.
the villain or the villains or what ever had no development

and half way through the movie, you start to wonder : Are the Russians attacking them or they are the ones attacking Russians?!?!?! i think the soldiers weren't trained enough.

the only thing i still remember was the Russian chick THAT'S IT

In the end, If you like to see a bunch of people using $92 million DOLLARS for crashing cars and shooting at each other for no reason, go for it and enjoy it , but don't expect to remember any of it.

My Problem Whit ART

Hey everyone
Well i have start this blog to basically talk about every form of art out there that i have passion about, and share what i have in my mind about them, and see what others think about them.

The reason im doing this, is because i have multiple passions and im not specified to one, AND THATS BAD. Im trying to have all the things together.
Im currently studying Diploma in Multimedia in Malaysia , im aiming for the game industry, BUT as im going further and im being exposed to more possibilities , I WANT TO DO EVERYTHING AND LEARN EVERYTHING. this matter always ends with : me sitting in front of my computer and havent gave my 100% to anything but i have gave 5% to 20 things.

So hopefully by sharing my ideas i can get on the right track and become the best at what i can do.